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Little Secrets is utterly brilliant – it’s a wolf of a thriller in suburban sheep’s clothing!’ – QARNITA LOXTON, author of the much-loved ‘Being’ series

Monique and Ben Klein have been married for twenty years. They both know that they didn’t get married for all the right reasons, but they’re happy with the decision they made. They have a good life in a beautiful house, with three children who they adore.

It all worked out in the end.

Or did it?

Monique has become obsessed with being the perfect wife and mother. Her sense of self is attached to the compliments she receives from friends and relatives. From her appearance to her home to her children, nobody is allowed to see the cracks. They might be normal for other people, but not for Monique.

Ben knows that he gave up on a part of himself and his dreams when he married Monique. He’s an actuary, working for a corporate, and not the artist that he longed to be. He ignores as best he can the difference in their thinking. If anyone asks, he is happy.

Their daughter Rosie is struggling with her friendships and the daunting world of teenage parties. But with a strict mother like Monique, she knows that even if she gets frustrated, Monique’s rules will keep her safe.

Until Ben meets Daisy. And Rosie meets Margie. And everything starts to fall apart.

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