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In our typically fast-paced life in the 21st century it is not uncommon for people to feel a loss of direction, purpose and meaning. It would seem that deeper and more fundamental questions about our existence and the significance of our efforts and busy lives are seldom asked and contemplated. In many areas and at different levels there also appears to be a vacuum in inspirational leadership. Instead of waiting and hoping for others to rise to the challenges of our time, however, we can reflect on our own leadership and commit to grow as inspirational leaders ourselves. How well do we lead our own lives, our own families? How do we ensure that our own flame of inspiration remains strong? Do we have the ability to inspire others?

Leadership thoughts attempts to open up perspectives, stimulate thinking and inspire attitudes and behaviour that would help to unlock the best in us – especially in the context of the workplace and the challenges that we face as a nation. It will be appreciated by students of life in general, by those who regard themselves as experienced but not complete leaders, as well as aspirant leaders who are eager to lay the right foundations for their leadership challenges in future.

I have no doubt that Leadership thoughts can give you a head start by sharing some of the truths about leadership that come over time with experience. It will guide you, in an accessible and engaging way, through a journey of discovering the wisdom necessary for becoming an effective leader in your own right. Prof. Willem A. Landman, CEO, Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA)

A definitive and one-of-a-kind piece of work! … The author has successfully connected the often scattered ideas on leadership regarding character, values, belief systems, attitude and behaviour, into a cohesive and elegant body of work. … This is a needed perspective on “leadership in life” for today’s world. Prof. B. Anderson, CEO, The Da Vinci Institute

In Leadership thoughts Gerhard van Rensburg provides important insight into the often paradoxical and busy world of leaders. Not only does he inspire and bring hope, but he ensures reflection, awareness and practical understanding of what it takes to achieve personal mastery. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to improve their leadership effectiveness and confidence. Leon Vermaak, CEO, Auto & General

Gerhard van Rensburg works as an executive and leadership coach. Trading as New Era Leadership he partners with organisations in the development of their leaders and leadership teams. In his first book The leadership challenge in Africa – a framework for African Renaissance leaders, his passion for and belief in the potential of the people in South Africa and the African continent is evident. For information on his work and services offered visit www.neweraleadership.co.za.

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