Leadership, Theory and Practice, 7th ed.


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Translated into 12 different languages and used in 89 countries across more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and institutions worldwide, this market-leading text successfully combines an academically robust account of the major theories and models of leadership with an accessible style using practical examples that help students apply what they learn.

New to This Edition:
A new chapter on Adaptive Leadership explores how leaders encourage followers to adapt to tough issues and thrive in challenging environments

A new chapter on Psychodynamic Leadership focuses on the processes and dynamics of human behavior, providing a clinically informed approach to help leaders understand their own behavior and their followers’ in order to best influence their followers.

New and expanded coverage on power and influence, the dark side of leadership, pseudo-transformational leadership, stages of moral development, virtual teams, and shared leadership

Key Features:

A consistent chapter structure outlines each approach and the major studies behind them, presents strengths and criticisms for each approach, and provides case studies and a self-assessment questionnaire at the end of each chapter, allowing students to easily compare and contrast the various theories.

Three case studies in each chapter help students to apply leadership concepts in real-world scenarios.

A leadership instrument and questionnaire within each chapter provide self-assessment and reflection opportunities for each theory presented.


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