Labour Relations in Practice: A Hands-on Approach 4e

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Labour Relations in Practice deals with the core labour and employment relations matters regularly encountered by labour relations and human resource officers, managers, union representatives, bargaining council functionaries and those in advisory services. Now in its fourth edition, it contains, inter alia, actual cases heard by the CCMA as well as the Labour Court legislation update to the end of 2022.

The topics covered include the following:

  • The employment relation – a brief introduction
  • The roles, rights and obligations of the various stakeholders in organisations
  • The role of the State in the labour relationship and the legislation by which it attempts to regulate this relationship
  • The role of collectives, such as trade unions and employer organisations, and the rights granted to them
  • Legal requirements for fair recruitment practices
  • Employment contracts
  • The various Acts that affect labour practices, including affirmative action and skills development
  • Conducting negotiations and dealing with employee grievances and discipline at the workplace, dispute settlement and fair dismissal practice
  • The way forward in the employment relationship
  • The text contains numerous practical examples, illustrative problems, actual court cases and scenarios.

The legislative requirements and codes of good practice are explained in simple, accessible language. Examples of relevant policies are provided, and each chapter ends with a useful summary of the main learning points.

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