Introduction to the Law of Property 8th Edition

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The purpose of this book is to provide a first introduction for an undergraduate student in property law. As with earlier editions this eighth edition of the Introduction to the Law of Property was written specifically for students in an undergraduate module on the law of property. Therefore, the contents are restricted to what the authors regard as essential for these students. Footnotes have not been used for the same reason; in an introductory module the emphasis should arguably fall on understanding basic concepts and principles, rather than on additional reading material. However, extensive use is made of examples from case law.

Under the new authorship the Introduction still emphasises the influence of the constitutional framework on the development of this aspect of private law. This eighth edition of the Introduction is published as part of the series of Juta’s Property Law Library. The aim of this series is to illustrate the interplay between the common law, the constitution and legal reform in a constitutional system. As an introduction, the book is different from the other volumes in the series in that it is specifically aimed at students.

In updating the Introduction cognisance was also taken of the Qualification standards for the Bachelor of Laws published by the HEQC in May 2015, and the attributes of a graduate that was included in the report. Therefore, the 2021 edition contains electronic resources that will assist students to be better prepared for the legal profession with an appreciation of the constitutional values and principles underpinning the law, and an understanding that the law is a dynamic and developing discipline.

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