Introduction to Health Services Management for the Unit Manager 4th Edition


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The unit manager must be able to deal with a wide range of tasks in the course of the day. These could range from compiling a duty roster, writing a unit procedure, compiling an emergency plan, preparing an annual budget or answering a legal question. The unit manager must also be able to manage a team of healthcare professionals, be able to lead and motivate the team, and organise the unit so that if functions effectively and in line with the institution’s vision and mission. In addition, the unit manager must be able to keep control of supplies and equipment in the unit, which must be kept in good working order and replaced when necessary. This requires a sound knowledge of the budgeting and procurement process. Introduction to Health Services Management for the Unit Manager, fourth edition, has been updated to cover all these aspects. There are new chapters on Leadership, Clinical Governance and Disaster Preparedness, and chapters on the four components of the management process have been thoroughly. The student nurse or practising unit manager will find this book a valuable source of information.