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There is no doubt that extensive wildlife production in southern Africa has developed rapidly in recent years. However, the last few years have seen the development of intensive wildlife production too. Intensive production of wild animals often happens in small enclosed areas or areas of limited size and requires more intensive management than the extensive production of wildlife.
This book summarises the current knowledge on the intensive production of wild animals in southern Africa. It is based on the knowledge and experience of various authors.
The wildlife discussed includes the mega-herbivores, rare antelope, smaller herbivores, mini-antelope, carnivores and the ostrich. The information that is provided for each of the different wildlife species includes discussion of
  • taxonomy
  • characteristics – mass, size, age, growth, reproduction
  • population dynamics
  • habitat requirements
  • behaviour – social, sexual, feeding
  • holding and handling facilities
  • breeding stock
  • behaviour in captivity
  • care in captivity
  • nutrition – natural and artificial
  • water use
  • hand-rearing of young animals
  • veterinary aspects – diseases and parasites
  • capture and transportation
  • products
  • harvesting
  • economics
  • legislation
Prof. J. du P. Bothma is Director of the Centre for Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria. He is internationally recognised as a leading authority on wildlife research and wildlife management.
Dr N. van Rooyen, previously a professor in plant ecology at the University of Pretoria, specialises in habitat evaluation, natural resource management and wildlife management. He is currently a research fellow at the Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria.

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7-8 Days