Integrated Marketing Communication 4th Edition


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Van Schaik


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It is a challenge for South African businesses to survive in any market place, and the more competitive the market place, the harder it is to decide on the most effective marketing communication approach.

Firstly, businesses must report to stakeholders on how they are meeting (and perhaps even exceeding) expectations in terms of aspects such as social responsibility, good corporate governance, environmental awareness and adhering to sound business practices.

Secondly, businesses must inform customers (prospective and current) about their products or services, and convince them that they offer better value than competitors. Integrated marketing communication presents a planning framework to facilitate a seamless integration of all the marketing communication elements in order to convey a consistent corporate image and brand offering.

Integrated marketing communication provides a solid interpretation of all the major marketing communication mix elements and focuses on the basic premises that are needed to employ these techniques in a cohesive manner. It takes a practical, holistic and integrated approach to advertising, personal selling, publicity, public relations (from both a corporate and a product or service brand perspective), sponsorship and direct marketing. Digital communication is also discussed in detail. It includes recent South African case studies as well as examples and review questions.

Integrated marketing communication is aimed at undergraduate marketing students, but will also be of benefit to postgraduate students and practitioners as a reference work.