Industrial Organization:Competition, Strategy and Policy


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This text enables a thorough and coherent understanding of the core concepts and key topics of industrial organization using a firmly real-world and case-centric approach.

Industrial organization draws upon contributions from a variety of fields of economic inquiry including game theory, information theory, organization theory, agency theory, and transaction cost analysis, as well as the related field of strategic management.


·  The style of presentation is non-technical throughout. No knowledge of calculus is required and no knowledge of statistics or econometrics is assumed.

·  Clear and comprehensive coverage of all major theoretical and empirical topics in industrial economics prepares students to better apply relevant economic theory.

·  A wealth of up-to-date case study material.

·  Extensive coverage of empirical research related to market structure, strategy and firm performance provides an invaluable springboard for readers wishing to pursue the subject at a higher level.

·  Written from a European perspective, focusing wherever possible on European Business and Industry.

·  For those readers requiring a more rigorous treatment of certain topics, a Mathematical Methods appendix provides formal derivations (using calculus) of a selection of the most important theories and results presented in the main text.

·  There is also a primer in the fundamentals of regression analysis in an Econometric Methods appendix providing a brief and non-technical introduction to some of the basic tools, such as regression coefficients, t-statistics and goodness-of-fit.