Healthcare Dynamics 1st Edition

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Healthcare Dynamics for the Specialist Professional Nurse is the first text to present important current healthcare practices in the healthcare environment for specialised nurses and healthcare practitioners at district, provincial and national levels. It examines aspects of healthcare dynamics and comprehensive service delivery for all healthcare institutions, within a framework of health legislation, ethics, and professional practice. In addition to fulfilling the developmental needs of specialised nurses, it is a reference tool for healthcare service management for any practising healthcare professional.

Key Benefits 

  • Specialised healthcare needs and the profile of a community through the lens of health education
  • The role of formal and in-service education programmes for clinical nurse specialists and other team members to ensure best practice in specialised nursing and healthcare services
  • Programmes for the personal and professional growth of members of a specialised healthcare team
  • Projects in different areas of specialisation that require advisory and facilitative processes
  • Consultancy and referral processes through a client and service-centred process
  • Evaluation of specialised healthcare units, programmes and services through accredited assessment tools
  • Role modelling and mentorship in the specialised healthcare team to develop coping mechanisms for the emotional demand of clinical specialists
  • Professional excellence and competence in ethical, legal and policy frameworks, with a focus on human rights, transformation and advocacy
  • The empowerment of patients, families and communities to access existing appropriate resources through continuing health education and
  • Quality assurance activities and information systems in specialised healthcare services.

    Healthcare Dynamics for the Specialist Professional Nurse has been peer-reviewed nationally and internationally. It is the result of a collaboration between various academics in the field of nursing and healthcare and is a culmination of their collective experience of management and leadership practice, research and education in the healthcare service context.

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