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Black tax is not so much about money as it is about boundaries: there is a mental and emotional price we pay when dealing with the complex issues relating to black tax and its effect on our relationships with our families and with money itself. Helping others is commendable, but where does one draw the line between healthy helping and standing in the way of the financial independence of those on the receiving end of black tax?
In ten relatable stories that range from absent fathers to siblings’ expectations, self-leadership coach Ndumi Hadebe explores the boundary issues that lead to financial and emotional burdens for those struggling with black tax, as well as the normalised behaviours, notions and societal constructs that will keep you spinning in the washing machine of black tax if you don’t explore solutions to it.
Drawing on particular themes in each story, Ndumi will show you how to tackle your black tax in a way that is peaceful and non-threatening to your relationships with loved ones. She also opens up about her own struggle with boundaries and reflects on the ways that this has impacted her life.
Handle Black Tax Like a Pro  is a helpful guide that will provide you with a roadmap to stronger relationships, better finances and overall well-being.

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