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A Guide to Project Management 2e is an invaluable resource for students and people in the workplace starting out in project management and for those who wish to improve their project management skills. The comprehensive, accessible text introduces concepts, guides readers through the necessary organisation skills and explores the use of technology.

For the second edition, A Guide to Project Management has been extensively updated to reflect changes in the processes and procedures of project management, global trends and international standards, and the expansion of the Project Management Body of Knowledge. A new chapter on project planning looks at tools and techniques, types of project planning and detailed steps to be taken during planning.

The Project Management Workbook is a companion publication to the popular A Guide to Project Management 2e by Gerrit van der Waldt and William Fox. The Project Management Workbook consists of self-assessment questions and exercises, group activities and exercises, and guidelines for completing a summative assignment/portfolio of evidence based on the SAQA Unit Standards and chapter outcomes.

The Workbook has been developed to imitate real-life projects found within public and private-sector settings. Using The Project Management Workbook in conjunction with A Guide to Project Management 2e will enable students to apply newly learned skills and track their learning progress. It will also ensure that they are able to apply their learning in the workplace.