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A guide to passing General Management provides students of management with a theoretical framework of the principles of general management. It can be used as a workbook to supplement most of the current textbooks on general management as it provides a condensed overview of the most important aspects of contemporary management theory. The guide is organised around the four fundamental management functions carried out by managers at all levels of the organisation, namely: planning, organising, leading and control.

In addition, topics on the evolution of management theory, the business environment, globalisation, managerial decision making, information management and business ethics are included.

The text is structured in short concise topics, covering the following:

  • A conceptual overview of each topic
  • Learning outcomes
  • Key concepts
  • Additional reading resources
  • Multiple-choice questions and discussion questions to test the student’s understanding of each topic
  • Guidelines to answer the self-evaluation questions

A guide to passing General Management is a must for every stressed student who faces forthcoming tests and the final examination in general management. It is also a handy guide for the practitioner who aims to brush up on the basics of general management.

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