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In teaching research methodology to a wide range of students at both graduate and undergraduate levels, we have always been fortunate to have a variety of textbooks on research at our disposal. Through the years we have quite successfully used many of these books. We have also both been practising managers for a number of years and have encountered situations where we have had to use our knowledge of research methodology. In some academic and managerial contexts we have felt the need for a textbook aimed specifically at managers and potential managers. It was out of that need that this book was borne. Effective research results, whether the research is performed in an academic or a practical situation, are not possible if you do not have a sound knowledge of research theory. Therefore, we have had to focus the largest part of the book on explaining what the scientific method is all about. However, the book is not aimed at giving you an in-depth insight into the philosophy of science, but rather as being a practical textbook that will help you resolve many issues, solve many problems and answer many questions in an acceptable way. When you follow our guidelines, the results of your endeavours may be challenged, but the methods used (if used correctly) will be beyond dispute and will validate those results. We do not claim to have extensive knowledge of all aspects of research in a managerial environment. We do not want to discount some of the condensed, tried and proven methods used in, say, market research, but in such cases we hope that you will gain further knowledge of a wider range of options that may be open to you. We are presenting this book to you as an undergraduate or a graduate student in your chosen field of management, as well as to aspirant managers and managers at all levels of management in the hope that you will find it useful in solving problems.