Governance and Leadership: Building a Sustainable Culture of World-class Leadership

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Governance & Leadership offers a roadmap to better governance – not just in terms of individual leaders but also by suggesting solutions to encourage a fertile and sustainable culture of worldclass leadership.

The world is currently experiencing a crisis in leadership – reflected in widespread public distrust and criticism, due to growing incidents of poor leadership and bad decision-making.

This is no different for South Africa. The Auditor Report has highlighted the need to strengthen leadership and governance capacities of most of the local government administrations by appointing qualified professionals and bridging the current skills gap. All this points to a serious need for not only formal education but also training, experience and, above all, inspiration in leadership across the nation, the continent and the world.

Governance & Leadership addresses this urgent need directly – and with a particular focus on the human aspects. Every success or failure can ultimately be traced to human attitudes and behaviours. Leaders’ values, and their ability to make good decisions, communicate well and work together, can make all the difference between failure and success.

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