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The challenges of making decisions, setting goals, communicating, building trust and managing the team are far harder when you are separated by time, language, culture and priorities.
Global Teams will enable leaders, teams and organisation to deal with the challenges they face: The team leader – how to build a high performance culture The team members – how trust and communication is essential The organisation – how to create a context for the team to succeed How to make it work – your blueprint for success
Working for a matrix international organisation, with its ensuing diverse global teams, based in a variety of geographic locations is a fact of life for most leaders and managers today. These teams may be permanent, or they may come together temporarily to deliver a specific project.
Based on original research with some of the world’s leading companies, Global Teams is the definitive, practical guide on making the sharp end of globalisation work for you and your organisation. Just some of the companies involved in the research: Accenture, AirBnB, British Council, Bain, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, BCG, Canon, Dentons, DAI, European Bank of Re-construction and Development, Facebook, Financial Times, Gazprom, Google, and many others including smaller companies and NGOs.