Fundamentals of Branding


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The concept of branding, although not a new topic, is still a vitally important concept in marketing today. There is nothing more valuable than a well-known and trusted brand. Contents Include: Chapter 1 Marketing and branding What is marketing? Product Price Distribution Promotion Marketing activities The marketing process Chapter 2 The role and place of branding The definition of a brand Evolution of branding What can be branded? Advantages of branding from the customer’s perspective Advantages of branding from the retailer’s and manufacturer’s perspectives Criticisms of branding Types of brands Legal aspects of brands Chapter 3 Elements of branding The various types of brand elements Criteria for selecting brand elements Chapter 4 Packaging the brand Consumer decision making The feel of the brand Packaging Types of packaging Considerations when designing packaging Chapter 5 Positioning the brand What is brand positioning? Reasons for positioning a brand Identifying and establishing brand position The positioning process Guidelines for positioning a brand Chapter 6 Planning, leveraging and extending a brand Importance of brand planning Issues influencing brand potential Leveraging secondary brand knowledge Brand sponsorship Manufacturer brands and private brands Licensing Brand extensions Chapter 7 Evaluating your brand Analytics and metrics Benefits of measuring a brand Measuring branding Managing brand measurement Chapter 8 Practical branding Introduction Summary References Key Benefits: As an introduction to branding, Fundamentals of Branding provides students with an overview of the building blocks of branding, which include: • the influence of branding on marketing decisions • the role and place of branding in the organisation • the various elements of branding • packaging the brand • positioning the brand • planning, leveraging and extending the brand • evaluating the brand The book contains a chapter with real-life branding case studies which illustrates the practical application of the topics discussed in this book. This is a very useful resource for students who strug­gle to apply theory learned to real-life situations.