Fund of Research Methodology for Healthcare Professionals 4th Edition

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This book examines the vital role research plays in the improvement of health science practices.

It provides novice researchers with the principles of the philosophy of science as well as practical research methods. It is valuable in research capacity development, as well as being a handy resource for more experienced researchers reviewing research principles.

This fourth edition of Fundamentals of Research Methodology for Healthcare Professionals has been updated to incorporate the latest trends in research methodology and evidence-based practice. It details the steps involved in planning and undertaking a research project, from identifying and formulating the problem to reporting findings. It underscores the importance of having a clear understanding of research methodology and terminology for doing the following: reading research reports with critical insight, implementing evidence-based practice, and expanding research.

This edition is certain to stimulate awareness of the myriad researchable and research-requiring questions encountered daily in healthcare practice.

Key Features


  • Clearly defined learning objectives to indicate the focus of each chapter
  • Practical examples of research projects or steps in the research process
  • Chapter summaries to reinforce learning
  • Exercises to put the theory into practice
  • A practical, hands-on introduction to research methodology

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