Frans Barker’s the South African Labour Market 6th Edition


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Sociopolitical occurrences in recent years have, if anything, brought to the fore the close relationship between developments in the labour market and progress on the socio-econo-political terrain. The ideological divides in South Africa are especially apparent in the labour market, and these compound the basic conflict between the objectives of protecting basic worker rights on the one hand, and increasing economic growth on the other. The South African labour market contains an abundance of information about labour markets in general and the South African labour market in particular.

The South African labour market has a down-to-earth and practical approach. It considers the evidence and identifies some urgent discussion points about the sensitivity of employment to economic growth. Three appendix chapters deal extensively with the impact of globalisation on the labour market, how other countries have managed the challenges of globalisation, and consensus-seeking institutions such as Nedlac. Questions and study suggestions are included at the end of each chapter.

Contents include the following:

  • Unique characteristics of the labour market
  • Labour supply and labour demand
  • Employment in the formal and informal sectors
  • Wages and the cost of labour
  • Unions, collective bargaining and minimum wages
  • Productivity and labour market flexibility
  • Unemployment and active labour market policy for job creation
  • Human capital and the demand for skilled workers
  • Inequalities and discrimination

The South African labour market is aimed at economics students as well as general readers wanting an overview of the South African labour market.