Forensic Investigation Legislative Principles and Investigative Practice

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The field of forensic investigation has grown significantly in South Africa over the past few years. This growth in the field is mostly due to the fact that investigations are now also undertaken by private and corporate bodies, and by government institutions other than the South African Police Service. The field of investigation has moved from being the sole domain of the police to including other role-players. The latest developments in the forensic investigation discipline are a result of the fact that forensic investigation is a continually evolving science. The new democratic dispensation also requires that all investigations must be conducted within the ambit of the Constitution.

The authors of Forensic Investigation: Legislative Principles and Investigative Practice aim to meet the needs of this field by examining how forensic investigations should be conducted in South Africa, with reference to local legislative principles and scientific processes.

Forensic Investigation: Legislative Principles and Investigative Practice commences by covering aspects such as the constitutional basis for public and private policing, the investigation process, and the characteristics of a good investigator. The book highlights the basic concepts of investigation and then proceeds to examine more sophisticated specialised aspects, such as medico-legal evidence, DNA, and policing in a cyber-world. The work also features more recent developments in the field, such as analysing the behaviour of offenders and the choices they make during the commission of crimes. These aspects are dealt with in relation to forensic geography and offender profiling.

Forensic Investigation: Legislative Principles and Investigative Practice takes the reader from the scene of the incident (the crime scene) to the courtroom, and from investigation to prosecution – all essential components of the investigative process. The book explores the significant role and conduct of an investigator, seeking to ensure that current and future generations of investigators are aware of the challenges and changes in the investigation of crimes, incidents and transgressions, and are also familiar with the prosecution processes that follow. This book will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable and essential tool for all investigators.

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