Fixed Income Analysis, 5th Edition

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Fixed Income Analysis, 5th Edition delivers an authoritative overview of how successful investment professionals manage fixed-income portfolios. Back with expanded content on the defining elements of fixed income securities, corporate debt, repurchase agreements, term structure models, and more, the 5th edition gives students and practitioners alike the tools to understand and apply effective fixed income portfolio management tactics.

Revised and updated by a team of investment experts in collaboration with CFA Institute, this text introduces the fundamental topics of fixed income securities and markets while also providing in-depth coverage of fixed income security valuation. This new edition offers refreshed and expanded content on the analysis and construction of active yield curve and credit strategies for portfolio managers.

Thanks to a wealth of real-world examples, Fixed Income Analysis remains an excellent resource for professionals looking to expand upon their current understanding of this important facet of portfolio management, as well as for students in the undergraduate or graduate classroom.

Through this text, readers will:

  • Understand the main features and characteristics of fixed income instruments
  • Master the key return and risk measures of fixed income instruments
  • Develop and evaluate key fixed income investment strategies based on top-down and bottom-up analysis

The companion workbook (sold separately) includes problems and solutions aligning with the text and allows learners to test their comprehension of key concepts.

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