First Steps in Research 3rd Edition


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At some point or other in their academic careers, most tertiary-level students will become engaged in the planning and execution of research projects. It is a fundamental part of further education that many students find daunting, which need not be the case. First steps in research uses the most current perspectives in the field both locally and internationally to provide theoretical and practical guidelines on how to conduct and report on research at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

First steps in research brings together the views of academics, theorists, researchers, and practitioners. It presents perspectives and theory on how to facilitate the understanding and application of theories, goals, methods, and strategies. The book is easy to read and use without diluting the conceptual and terminological complexities of the field. It examines the historical and philosophical underpinnings of qualitative, quantitative, and integrative (integrated) or mixed methods of conducting research, and suggests how these three approaches may be used most appropriately. It also elaborates on the methodological dimensions of action research processes and exemplifies participatory reflection.