Environmental impact assessment – a practical guide for the discerning practitioner


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Product Description

Environmental impact assessment: a practical guide for the discerning practitioner collates most of the existing important information regarding the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process in one compact volume. It follows the logical progression of an EIA using international best practice techniques and principles, and now includes the most up-to-date 2012 regulatory information.

Environmental impact assessment sets a baseline for EIA in South Africa. It is the first book on this topic written specifically for the South African context, although it is applicable to all developing countries.

Contents include the following:

EIA legislation



Stakeholder involvement process

Identification and comparative assessment of alternatives

Environmental risk assessment and management

Legally required authorisations

Social impact variables

Heritage specialist input

Health impact assessment

Evaluation of an EIA

Environmental impact assessment was written for environmental professionals and students entering the field for the first time, but it will also provide practical advice for advanced students and experienced consultants working in related fields.