Effective Business Communication in Organisations

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Modern day organisations are more dependent on communication to achieve success than ever before. Rapid development and greater complexity of communication technologies, and the growing importance and popularity of social media, means that organisations can no longer rely on traditional methods alone to engage in effective business communication. Social media and new communication forms, however, come with their own challenges and pitfalls. Organisations need to carefully and strategically consider the use of these new media as part of their effective communication plan.

Effective Business Communication 5th edition builds on traditional communication forms with up-to-date theory. It discusses new communication trends and the changing nature of communication in businesses. This edition illustrates the effective use of various new media sources and their application in the workplace, the challenges of using these media and the appropriate ways in which they can be incorporated into effective business communication practices within the organisation.

Effective Business Communication 5th edition provides widespread principles for communicating in the organisational context. The book has support material containing questions, case studies and activities. This edition therefore provides students, lecturers and business communicators with a comprehensive and practical reference guide to communication in the workplace.

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