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Like its predecessors, the sixth edition of Economics for South African students is a comprehensive introduction to economics in general, set against a contemporary South African background. The easy style and many practical examples make this publication extremely accessible. The book covers all the material usually prescribed for introductory courses, and it lays a solid foundation for intermediate and advanced studies in economics.

The sixth edition is a unique textbook. A number of experts have contributed short pieces under the collective title In the real world. We trust that these examples and case studies will be put to good use by lecturers (eg in discussion classes) while also providing students with more practical material to enhance their coursework.

Some of the topics covered by the In the real world pieces include:

  • #Fees must fall … to zero? Does free higher education exist?
  • Land reform
  • Nationalisation of the SARB
  • What should the SARB target?
  • Are tax incentives a good idea?

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Van Schaik


7-8 Days