Ebook – Understanding Business and Ethics in the South African Context

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Understanding business and ethics in the South African context provides an overview of the relationship between business and ethics from a contextual and integrative perspective. The purpose of the book is to prepare students to engage with ethical issues in the workplace and socio-economic challenges in society in an accountable and responsible manner. The book incorporates the fundamental hermeneutical theories, the ethical dimensions of these theories, socio-economic challenges in South Africa, the development of capitalism, the challenges of the legacy of colonialism, ethical theories, business theories, governance, management of ethics, strategy and the practical exploration of ethics in management, marketing, labour relations and finance. The discussion is augmented with explanatory case studies and teaching resources.

This is a new contextual view on business and ethics in South Africa and will heighten the sensitivity of students to contextual factors facing business in South Africa and tools for responsible decision-making and ethical leadership. Cultural diversity and the challenges in relation to governance and ethics in business are explored to provide students with the ability to respond with possible alternatives that are responsible and sensitive to the unique South Africa context.

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