Ebook – Macroeconomics: Global and Southern African Perspectives 2/E

Product Description

Macroeconomics: Global and Southern African Perspectives is an adaptation of Blanchard and Johnsons’s Macroeconomics 7th edition. The book presents a unified and global view of macroeconomics, enabling students to see the connections between short run, medium run and long run. The material is organised around two central parts:

  • A core that provides students with a unified view of macroeconomics; and
  • Two major extensions that offer increased depth on the subject matter.

In the South African adaptation, fundamental theory has been left largely untouched and Chapters 2–3, 5, 7, 9–13, 17 and 19–21 display minor rework. Such minor changes are to be found in currency conversions, the use of relevant South African examples and statistics with limited analysis of new data.

Some chapters lend themselves more to application in the South African context and have been significantly adapted. These changes may include the integration of South African data followed by an analysis of the implications for the country and macroeconomic theory, updated economic data, new case studies and additional content relevant to the South African context. Chapters 1, 4–6, 8, 14–16, 18, 22–24 and 25 are examples of more extensive adaptation.