Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Interventions in South Africa

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The years since 2010 have yielded enormous evidence- based advances in our understanding of how South African learners successfully learn to read and do mathematics, and the interventions and materials that lead to those improvements.
This volume brings together 38 authors from nine universities, various NGOs, and government to document how these interventions were conceptualised, implemented, and evaluated.

Whether reviewing the political factors surrounding the roll-out of the nationwide DBE Workbook programme, or the details of Randomised Control Trials and materials development programmes, all authors have provided detailed systematic accounts of how and why their interventions were structured and implemented as they were. The chapters included in this volume form arguably the largest and most up-to-date collection of early grade reading and mathematics interventions in South Africa. The volume includes research from across the full range of scale, including nationwide interve ntions (DBE Workbooks), medium-scale interventions (GPLMS, NECT, Vula Bula anthologies), and small-scale, localised interventions (including Bala Wande, EGRS, Funda Wande, JumpStart, NumberSense, Reading Eggs, R-Maths, and Room to Read).

The volume will interest local and international researchers, as well as policy-makers and donors, who want to know not only what works, but also why it works, how it works and where it works.

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