Dynamics of Public Relations And Journalism

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Unravelling the complex worlds of public relations practitioners and journalism in a single publication is a challenge, but when the dynamic synergy of these two occupations are established their interaction is easily apparent. Dynamics of Public Relations and Journalism unravels and explores these worlds to enhance the journalistic skills of Media Studies students and give journalists invaluable insights into the complex, multidisciplinary world of public relations. It also highlights the interdependency of the two professions and explains the need for their smooth interaction.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrates Public Relations and Journalism and explains the relationship between the two fields in language ideal for first year students
  • Use South African examples and case studies
  • Locally relevant content
  • Extensive support material for students and lecturers

New editions only: Main updates 

  • Deeper integration of media platforms – technology has collapsed boundaries between media, they are all content production platforms now.
  • Online/digital content can’t be separated from content anymore – content is produced simultaneously for online and offline platforms
  • Digital has brought extensions of traditional roles which need to be acknowledged
  • Addresses the implications and additional ways of content production

Support material

  • Interactive question sets
  • PowerPoint presentation, customised
  • Case studies in MS Word
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • PDFs

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