Dynamic Systems: Modeling, Simulation, and Control, EMEA Edition, 2nd Edition

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The simulation of complex, integrated engineering systems is a core tool in industry which has been greatly enhanced by the MATLAB and Simulink software programs. The second edition of Dynamic Systems: Modeling, Simulation, and Control teaches engineering students how to leverage powerful simulation environments to analyze complex systems. Designed for introductory courses in dynamic systems and control, this textbook emphasizes practical applications through numerous case studies–derived from top-level engineering from the AMSE Journal of Dynamic Systems.

Comprehensive yet concise chapters introduce fundamental concepts while demonstrating physical engineering applications. Aligning with current industry practice, the text covers essential topics such as analysis, design, and control of physical engineering systems, often composed of interacting mechanical, electrical, and fluid subsystem components. Major topics include mathematical modeling, system-response analysis, and feedback control systems. A wide variety of end-of-chapter problems–including conceptual problems, MATLAB problems, and Engineering Application problems–help students understand and perform numerical simulations for integrated systems.

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