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The discipline of disaster medicine is the study and collaborative application of various health sciences towards the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from health problems arising from a disaster.  Because disasters can strike anywhere in the world and can have devastating effects on the community, it is vitally important that the different agencies, government departments and medical disciplines work together to draw up adequate mitigation plans. It is also crucial that each agency is aware of its responsibilities and understands the chain of command in a disaster situation.

In a clear and concise manner Disaster Medicine covers all the critical aspects necessary to deal with any type of man-made or natural disaster.

Key Benefits:

  • The phases of a disaster are sketched out, underlining the importance of planning in an integrated manner.
  • Real-life case studies highlight the valuable lessons learnt from previous incidents or disasters.
  • The challenges involved in mass gatherings are described, justifying the need for comprehensive risk analysis.
  • The roles and interactions of different organizations to facilitate communication, command responsibilities and exert control in disaster situations are delineated.
  • Key Points throughout the text draw attention to important messages.

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9-11 Days