Development, the state and civil society

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Numerous opportunities have come and gone over the past 20 years of democracy in South Africa for the State to engage with Civil Society and bring development closer to its intended beneficiaries. Civil Society, through its advocacy initiatives, has secured for itself a greater voice and choice in development, and every role player therein should continuously endeavour to make a difference by participating actively and meaningfully in development. Authentic, sustainable grassroots transformation and development, however, is not possible without public participation, social learning, self-reliance and empowerment. Development, the State and Civil Society in South Africa addresses the practical reality of the development consultant, government and public sector change agent, politician and policy maker. Departing from a humanist and people-centred perspective, it captures the fundamentals upon which most development theory, policy, programmes/projects and practices are based, namely cooperation, participatory planning and public participation. The book follows a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to assessing development management principles and strategies. Important challenges in development management and related practice and policy interventions are also functionally integrated. Contents include the following: Development theories, management and the democratic developmental State; Promoting people-centred development and good governance; The role of developmental non-governmental organisations; The private sector and social responsibility; The role of trade unions and international development agencies; Micro-level development and public participation; Integrated Development Planning (IDP); Social development research; Chapter review questions test knowledge and understanding of issues discussed, and encourage critical examination from different perspectives. The final chapter provides guidelines for writing scientific documents and using basic social research methodology – essential skills for all researchers and practitioners in development management.

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