Death and the King s Horseman


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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, United Kingdom, 2003. Paperback. Book Condition: New. New edition. 182 x 120 mm. Language: English Brand New Book. The action of the play is as inevitable and eloquent as in Antigone: a clash of values and cultures so fundamental that tragedy issues: a tragedy for each individual, each tribe Daily Telegraph This play, by the winner of a Nobel Prize for Literature, asks: On the authority of what gods the white aliens rupture the world. It puts exciting political theatre back on the agenda.a masterpiece of 20th century drama Guardian Elesin Oba, the King s Horseman, has a single destiny. When the King dies, he must commit ritual suicide and lead his King s favourite horse and dog through the passage to the world of the ancestors. A British Colonial Officer, Pilkings, intervenes.