Criminal Procedure in South Africa

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Criminal Procedure in South Africa offers a concise, accessible and applied introduction to the theory and practice of criminal procedure. The work serves as a systematic guide to the various stages of the procedural system, and is designed to enable mastery of the rules, basic legal tests and practical steps that are required to implement various criminal procedures.

The text offers a clear pedagogical framework that supports comprehension and develops independent, critical and applied engagement with the subject matter. Clear, structured explanation is supported by step-by-step, practical guidelines, relevant case law discussions, critical commentary and concise analysis of critical legal tests. Numerous diagrams support readers’ comprehension, and a rich source of precedents and other practical use documents offer valuable tools to guide readers in their applied practice. Lecturers who prescribe this work as course material are supported with ready-to-use teaching materials, which include presentation slides and assessment material.

In equal measure, the text offers an invaluable resource to university students, legal practitioners, prosecutors, judicial officers, paralegals and police officers.

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