Criminal Law in South Africa


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Criminal Law in South Africa provides an innovative and accessible introduction to the principles and application of criminal law in South Africa. The text addresses the general principles of criminal law, as well as the elements of specific offences. It introduces new statutory offences, such as the criminal provisions of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 and the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 121 of 1998, and discusses important new areas of criminal justice, such as international and transnational crime.

The text balances rigorous theoretical content with a clear, practical approach. The emphasis is on the application of legal principles for solving legal problems. This approach is supported by a useful annexure which demonstrates a
methodology for solving problems in criminal law.

Designed to support understanding, Criminal Law in South Africa succinctly explains criminal law principles, with numerous case illustrations. A wealth of discussion points is provided a s additional guidance where moot and contentious criminal law issues are analysed. The overall objective is to state criminal law principles and concepts in a clear and accessible manner, without sacrificing academic rigour, and at the same time stimulating debate and independent reasoning.

Additional resource materials are provided for lecturers prescribing this book in the form of PowerPoint slides and a Question bank.

This text is suited as core course material for students who are studying criminal law as a module of the LLB degree. It also serves as a useful reference for candidate attorneys, pupil advocates, legal practitioners, magistrates and judges.


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