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Arts education is regarded as an essential part of quality education which not only enhances learners’ social, personal and intellectual development, but also their critical and creative thinking skills. It provides learners with opportunities to work collaboratively with each other and in so doing, to develop respect for others’ opinions and backgrounds. It is also a healthy outlet for emotions and ideas that learners may not otherwise be able to express. Creative arts education provides guidelines on how to teach dance, drama, visual arts and music in a more animated, vibrant and practical manner so as to allow each child to reach his full potential.


Based on the grades 7–9 curricula, Creative arts education provides examples and activities to enable creative arts teachers to put theory into practice. Besides sections for each art form, a full chapter is devoted to inclusive education, learning barriers and how best to accommodate the different learning styles and needs of a diverse class of learners. Structural guidance according to CAPS requirements is also included.