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Are you or your organization suffering from burnout? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the emotional pain of those you are trying to help? Do you tend to become over-involved with the difficulties of others? The counselling part of your work can take a heavy toll, whether you’re a trauma counsellor, a volunteer community worker, a nurse in an HIV/Aids clinic, a teacher, a police officer, an emergency worker, or an HR manager. This concise and highly readable book, built on case-studies and real-life experience, and drawing on the best theory and research, provides the guidance you need to stay reflective, healthy, and effective. It grapples with issues of containment and expectation, and deals with listening deeply, HIV/Aids and trauma counselling, cultural difference, avoiding burnout, counselling skills, and balancing your counselling role with day-to-day responsibilities. This is an essential book for all those who find themselves called upon to provide emotional care to others .