Contraception – a South African perspective

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The development of reliable contraception is widely regarded as one of the great achievements in the broad field of medicine in the 20th century, particularly with the explosion in the global human population being a major cause of poverty and environmental destruction, and a real threat to our planet. Modern contraceptives are very effective and medically extremely safe – the challenge is to suggest and constantly supply the most appropriate ones. Contraception: a South African perspective is a comprehensive textbook on fertility control and the prevention of pregnancy, especially with regards to women’s health and wellbeing.

In order to ensure its relevance not only in South Africa but also in the sub- Saharan African region, Contraception: a South African perspective includes a chapter with up-to-date information on natural and traditional contraception. The need to prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections receives special attention throughout, and the contraceptive needs of women with HIV infection are addressed, including those on antiretroviral therapy.

Contraception: a South African perspective is aimed at a wide audience of medical and nursing students, medical practitioners and other health care workers and volunteers. Planners and funders of essential and basic medical care will potentially benefit from the scientific content and the insights of the authors.

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