Contemporary Issues in Health Services Management


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In our ever-changing environment, healthcare professionals need to keep up-to-date with dynamic and often critical developments in the health services industry. Contemporary Issues in Health Services Management addresses the challenges we face in health services management. Contemporary issues affecting both health services managers and the delivery of such services are presented here based on comprehensive research and investigation. Within the context of South Africa and the African continent as a whole, this essential resource encourages health services professionals to develop a deeper awareness of relevant issues such as the aging population; the burden of chronic diseases; the influence of current information technology and the advancement of healthcare technology on healthcare delivery; education, training, regulation and accreditation; as well as the shift in emphasis from service-centred outlooks to patient-oriented outlooks. The book is packed with the tools needed to develop critical thinking, analytical and communication skills so that health-care professionals can take an informed approach to their work. It also provides health-care professionals with the tools needed to manage a wide variety of challenges they face today in easy-to-understand language, and in a visually appealing format.