Companies Act 71 of 2008 and Regulations 15th Edition


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The 15th edition of this title in the Juta’s Pocket Statutes series reflects the law as at 27 January 2020.

This title is also available as part of the 5-volume Corporate Pocket Library, housed in a complimentary slipcase.

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  • Companies Act 71 of 2008
    • Chapter XIV of the Companies Act 61 of 1973
  • Regulations
    • Companies Regulations, 2011
      • Forms—on CD-ROM
      • Financial Reporting Pronouncements 1: Substantively Enacted Tax Rates and Tax Laws under International Financial Reporting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium Enterprises
      • Financial Reporting Pronouncements 2: Accounting for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Transactions under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
      • Financial Reporting Pronouncements 3: Accounting for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Transactions under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for small and medium enterprises
      • Financial Reporting Pronouncements 4: The Limit on a Defined Benefit Asset, Minimum Funding Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the South African Pension Fund Environment
      • Financial Reporting Pronouncements 5: Summary Financial Statements
    • Regulations for the Winding-Up and Judicial Management of Companies
    • Electronic Filing of Company and External Company Annual Returns
    • Designation of Facsimile Numbers for Public Contact with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
    • Notice of authorised signature for purposes of applications submitted to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
    • Notice of alternative methods for incorporating a short standard private company and maintaining company and close corporation information with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
    • Notice in terms of Regulation 171 of the Companies Regulations, 2011: Fees and charges to be paid to the Takeover Regulation Panel
    • Notice of Introduction of Online Payment Methods by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission
    • Deactivation of Manual Filing Channel for Short Standard Private (COR15.1A) and Short Standard Non-Profit without Members (COR15.1C) Company Registrations
    • Notice of Introduction of New Online Filing Method for changes of Authorised Shares as per Form CoR 15.2
    • Reporting of Annual Financial Statements (AFS) to be Lodged USING Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
    • Notice of Introduction of New Electronic Filing Method by way of Mobile Application (Also Called APP) for Company and Close Corporation Forms
    • Notice of Introduction of Online Filing Method for Financial Accountability Supplements (FASs) as per Form COR 30.2
  • Guidance Notes
    • Guidance Note 1 of 2011: Registration of companies
    • Guidance Note 2 of 2011: Registration of companies
    • Guidance Note 3 of 2011: Changes to external company detail
    • Guidance Note 4 of 2011: No more conversion from company to a close corporation
    • Guidance Note 5 of 2011: Vetting and registration of prospectuses
    • Guidance Note 6 of 2011: Conversion of pre-existing companies limited by guarantee in terms of the Act
    • Guidance Note 7 of 2011: Conversion of close corporations to companies in terms of the Act
    • Guidance Note 8 of 2011: Conversion of par value shares in terms of the Act
    • Guidance Note 1 of 2012: Change of financial year end
    • Guidance Note 4 of 2012: Rejections in relation to applications for close corporations amendments
    • Guidance Note 1 of 2013: Amendment of Corporate Constitutions (Memorandum and Articles of Association) before expiry date of transitional arrangements under the Act
    • Guidance Note: Audit and accounting requirements of the Act
    • Guidance Note: Application of section 22 of the Act on close corporations
    • Guidance Note 1 of 2018: Guideline for Corporate Compliance Programme
    • Guidance Note 1 of 2019: Company, Close Corporation and Co-Operative Registration Number to appear on court documents and court orders submitted to CIPC for implementation
  • Practice Notes
    • Practice Note 4 of 2008: Creditors’ Voluntary Winding-Up under section 351 of the Companies Act, 1973
    • Practice Note 1 of 2011: Companies and close corporations postal and physical address requirements
    • Practice Note 3 of 2011: Companies and close corporations procedure for approval for distribution of commission forms
    • Practice Note 4 of 2011: Detail of incorporators on local companies
    • Practice Note 5 of 2011: Detail of directors to be provided on CoR14.1 Annexure A and CoR39
    • Practice Note 6 of 2011 (Revised): Detail Required for Registration of External Companies
    • Practice Note 9 of 2011: Use of customer codes on CoR14.1, CoR15.2, CK1 and CK2
    • Practice Note: Procedures in relation to amendments to auditors or company secretary
    • Practice Note: Procedures in relation to amendments to email addresses used for changes in directorship
    • Practice Note 1 of 2012: Position of pre-existing companies on the adoption of a new (MoI) or the amendment of an existing MoI
    • Practice Note 2 of 2012: Interpretation and application of section 23 of the Act and regulation 43 of the Regulations
    • Practice Note 3 of 2012: Notice on documents required in respect of applications for liquidation of either solvent or insolvent companies and close corporations
    • Practice Note 4 of 2012: Interpretation of section 11(3)(b) read with section 15(2)(b) and (c) of the Act in relation to the use of ‘(RF)’ in the name of a company
    • Practice Note 6 of 2012: Requirements for re-instatement in terms of the Act
    • Practice Note 7 of 2012: Application for deregistration of companies and close corporations in terms of the Act
    • Practice Note 1 of 2014: Name changes for companies initially registered with only a registration number
    • Practice Note 2 of 2014: Requirements for appointing and resignation of auditors and/or company secretaries
    • Practice Note 3 of 2014: Business rescue filing procedure
    • Practice Note 3 of 2015: Conditions of the conditional license
    • Practice Note 1 of 2016: Annual returns—correct disclosure of turnover value
    • Practice Note 2 of 2016: Merger and amalgamation filing procedure (CoR89)
    • Practice Note 3 of 2016: Notice of shareholders meeting
    • Practice Notes 4 and 5 of 2016
    • Practice Note 8 of 2017: Requirements for re-instatement in terms of regulation 4(2)(b) of the Companies Regulations, 2011
    • Practice Note 9 of 2017: Service of subpoenas and other court documents on CIPC
    • Practice Note 1 of 2018: Qualifications of Practitioners in terms of section 138 (1)
    • Practice No. 2 of 2018: Subjoining Jurisdiction of Incorporation for External Companies
    • Practice Note 1 of 2019: Additional Requirement: Resolution to be signed by all Directors
    • Practice Note 2 of 2019: To provide Resolution or Annexure when submitting COR168