Community development profession, The – issues, concepts and approaches

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The community development profession: issues, concepts and approaches is an informative resource for students and practitioners of community-based development as it faces the stumbling blocks of a new professionalism. Authors Professors Frik de Beer and Hennie Swanepoel introduce and debate the relevant issues, concepts and approaches, and their evolution, interpretation and application in the field of development. Based on an extensive literature study, the book argues that some more recently evolved approaches can be traced to a “community development” origin, with possible pitfalls of marginalisation and disempowerment in the hands of powerful people.

De Beer and Swanepoel also discuss issues such as

  • the origin and history of community development from an international and South African perspective
  • community development principles, policy, ethics, institutions and training
  • community development project management and evaluation
  • the integrated development programme (IDP)
  • all aspects of participatory planning, local economic development, and sustainability
  • the important role played by government and NGOs.

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