Communication in the Office 3rd Edition

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Communication in the Office is to equip any person working in an office environment with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes to communicate effectively in the administrative and office environment.

Communication is the basis of all relationships. All business matters depend on the exchange of information, and the success of the organisation’s performance depends on the effective exchange of this information. Communication therefore affects every decision and almost every activity in the organisation. It does not include only human communication but also the management of communications technology – computer, email, voice-mail, databases and all other technical equipment of the modern electronic office. To ensure effective communication it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of communication. This aspect is addressed in Chapter 1. Chapters 2 and 3 will focus on written and electronic communication. In Chapter 4, all relevant aspects regarding meetings are addressed.

This module will enable you to:

  • understand the importance of good communication in an office environment, as well as the elements of the communication process (verbally and written communication);
  • compile business letters, memoranda and reports;
  • use different forms of electronic communication in the office; and
  • organise all aspects of a meeting and take the minutes

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9-11 Days