Communication, culture and the multilingual classroom 2/e

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Every teacher requires sound communication skills both in and outside the classroom. South African classrooms have become increasingly diverse and many teachers are faced with the challenge of facilitating learning in a language that is not their learners’ home tongue. When a message is not conveyed effectively, misunderstandings, misconceptions and even situations of conflict often arise. If teachers have even a limited knowledge of at least one other language spoken by their learners, it goes a long way towards better understanding and learning. Communication, culture and the multilingual classroom equips the prospective teacher with the necessary communication and classroom literacies to follow a policy of additive multi- or bilingualism that encourages learners to value their own language as well as those of others.

Communication, culture and the multilingual classroom provides a useful and enriching guide for interacting with many different people at many different levels in the learning environment. Additional resources include useful tips and information on learning and using new words and phrases from different languages, with units that focus specifically on Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Zulu and Xhosa.

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