Communication A Hands On Approach 3rd Edition

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The third edition of Communication: A Hands-on Approach focuses on different forms of communication, emphasizing writing as a communication tool, particularly within the business environment. To support this, each chapter contains numerous exercises to enable the student to practice the skills learnt in that chapter and to assist lecturers in reinforcing content covered in class.

The evolution of technology and its use in the business environment has been taken into account and for this edition, the chapter on digital media has been expanded and updated to take into account the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and disruptive approaches to education.

A new chapter on intercultural communication has been included to prepare students to communicate for diversity.

Key Features

  • Learning objectives for students to judge how successfully they have engaged with the topics covered in the different chapters
  • Updated exercises and application activities at the end of each chapter
  • Highlighted guidelines, making the examples a practical learning tool
  • A chapter devoted to some of the more difficult areas of English grammar, specifically for those who speak English as an additional language
  • Guidelines on how to use social media in the workplace, including the appropriate use of Facebook and Twitter, effective business blogging and the use of Pinterest as a tool to enhance business communication
  • A chapter on Communicating for Diversity

New editions only: Main updates 

  • Chapter on small-group communication now includes negotiation skills
  • Chapter on oral communication includes new sections on telephone skills, impromptu speaking and how to be an audience
  • Business correspondence chapter has been updated to remove or summarise more dated correspondence styles
  • Chapter on digital media received an extensive revision to include relevant social media
  • Chapter on academic writing has been simplified
  • Information literacy and referencing chapter has been updated with most recent referencing conventions and additional referencing sources eg thesis and government documents to be included
  • Chapter on report writing has been reviewed to bring it in line with current report writing practices.

Support material

  • Interactive questions
  • Model answers set in MS Word
  • PowerPoint presentation, customised
  • Case studies in MS Word
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • PDFs
  • Animations (graphs etc)

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