Clinical Obstetrics: A South African perspective 5th Edition

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Obstetrics is a unique field of medical care because, in its uncomplicated or natural form, pregnancy, labour and delivery are not diseases, but normal physiological events constituting an integral part of human life. Three equally important facets form the basis of obstetrics: the needs of the pregnant woman, the wellbeing of the baby, and the ability to perform a medical intervention should either of these be threatened before, during and/or after birth. Clinical obstetrics: a South African perspective is an authoritative and up-to-date textbook dealing with current obstetric practice, focusing specifically on conditions and problems prevailing in South Africa. Clinical obstetrics: a South African perspective covers a wide range of topics from physiological adaptations, diagnosis and management of normal pregnancy and delivery, to teratogenesis,red cell allo-immunisation, congenital abnormalities and preterm labour. It also discusses the risks involved in poor progress in labour, abnormal fetal lie and presentation,viral infections and multiple pregnancies. There are separate sections for medical and surgical conditions, as well as diagnostic procedures.

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