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Problems that face teachers and educators today include the lack of a sound culture of teaching and learning in the classroom, the lack of student discipline and poor classroom management skills.

The revised edition of Classroom management presents a new and comprehensive approach to the ever-important subject of the teacher’s task in the classroom and deals with a number of new and relevant topics, particularly in view of the demands made on teachers in the new South Africa.

This updated edition meets the needs of and new criteria for teacher education in classroom management, as set out in the Cotep document. It provides insight into the different approaches to classroom management, the knowledge and skills needed to manage the various aspects of the teaching-learning situation, and certain critical issues that modern-day teachers must be able to deal with.

The text is interesting, interactive and user-friendly, which makes it more accessible to both teachers and students.

Every student in the field of teacher training and educational studies as well as every teacher should own and use this book as a resource and a guide in their daily practice.