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Orthopedagogics as a part-discipline of pedagogics is well established in South Africa. Because of the variety and extent of problems experienced by children with regard to their education. it is a broad and specialised field, and there has long been a need among South African practitioners for a comprehensive work on orthadedagogics.

Children with problems: an orthopedagogical perspective is an outstanding attempt to meet this need. The editor, editorial committee and contributors are all experts. Not only are they theoretically well-versed, but they also have extensive practical experience in all the various fields. In addition to such topics as the theoretical foundation of the discipline, diagnosis and assistance, the essentials of various developmental and learning problems experienced by children, including handicapped children, are discussed in depth. There is also a section on orthopedagogical research.

This publication should be valuable in the training of advanced students of orthopedagogics. Qualified teachers in the field will find it an indispensable reference work. Orthopedagogues and professionals in other fields, who are also concerned with children , should also find it an authoritative reference. Parents of children with problems may likewise find it a source  of insight which can help them understand and deal with frequently difficult orthopedagogical support and intervention programmes.

Children with problems: an orthopedagogical perspective is a timely, welcome addition to the existing literature in this field.

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