Child Health for All 6th Edition

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Child Health for All offers a comprehensive, up-to date and accessible introduction to population child health for undergraduate and postgraduate students of various health science disciplines. The text addresses a broad scope of content, including environmental- policy and law-, health system-, clinical-, family-, and community aspects of public health, and offers effective strategies for the promotion, protection and improvement of children’s health. Engaging with current global plans and strategies, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Survive, Thrive and Transform strategy, the text discusses strategies for the promotive, preventive and service delivery aspects of healthcare. The work addresses the multiple dimensions and
determinants of health, covering all stages of the child’s life course from pre-conception to late adolescence, and considers responses to the health needs of children by the health and associated social sectors. Presenting a critical appraisal of issues and challenges common to many low- and middle-income contexts, and drawing in detail on South African conditions and influences, policy and regulatory frameworks, health services infrastructure and health system considerations, the text has wide application to the realities of the southern African and similar regions.

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