Careers: Organisational Perspective 6th Edition

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Careers: An Organisational Perspective is a market-leading textbook on careers in the modern organisational context. The sixth edition reflects the most recent research and trends on the new unfolding nature of careers in the fast emerging digital-era employment environment. The book retains its popular blend of up-to-date theory, classical and contemporary research, application activities and real-life case scenarios that represent the cultural diversity of South Africa.

Key Features and Benefits 

The chapters are self-contained units and the text remains flexible enough for lecturers to teach the material in the order they find most appropriate. Each of the eight chapters begins with a set of learning outcomes that previews content and guides the student. The end-of-chapter materials include these features:

  • The review and discussion questions provide an opportunity to review chapter content and learning outcomes through questions developed to test students’ memory of key issues and concepts discussed in the chapter.
  • Various themes are illustrated by means of real-life case study examples representing the multiculturally diverse South African population
  • The reflection activities include real-life case studies which act as mini-cases that students can use to analyse and dissect chapter concepts and applications via real-life scenarios specific to the South African context.
  • Lecturer support materials in the form of ppt slides and feedback on self-reflection activities at the end of each chapter

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