Career Counselling: Methods that work


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Career Counselling: Methods that work is a much-needed introductory text for all practitioners involved in primary, secondary and tertiary education, psychology and social work. It is also suitable for corporate coaches, academics, researchers, scholars and students interested in becoming familiar with career construction counselling for life designing.   A unique feature of the book is that the work of an extensive range of international experts (theorists, researchers and practitioners) has been brought together in one publication. Representing the main schools of thought in career counselling today, this book identifies and reflects the growing global interest in innovative approaches to career counselling and, more particularly, Mark Savickas’ career-style interview technique for career construction counselling.   Career Counselling: Methods that work was inspired, firstly, by the ground-breaking work of and global response to Mark Savickas’ publications and workshops on the life style approach to career counselling. Secondly, it was motivated by the increased emphasis on career counselling in training institutions. The contributors collectively meld traditional and contemporary traditions in the field of career counselling in this accessible, hands-on text that can be used to design the future lives of persons of all ages.